PNV Students

The PNV project is currently recruiting the next students for sponsorship. To learn if you qualify, please read our sponsorship guidelines. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. Please fill out this form and return it to us before April xx, 2009. You can visit our contact page for various methods to reach us and submit your application.

To learn more about the students working with PNV, take a look at the work of two recent PNV students.

Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia

Luis is a native of New Mexico of Tiwa/Piro Pueblo and Chicano background. As a Mestizo, or mixed background, Luis identifies strongly with his indigenous roots… (read more)

Greg Holder

Greg Holder – Mato Tipila (Bear’s Lodge)

Gregory Holder’s ethnic lineage and heritage comes from three nations: Sicungu Lakota, Wichita, and French. He was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and raised … (read more )


Robbyn Hickman – Rocky Mountain National Park 2005,2006

ROBBYN HICKMAN’s ethnic lineage and heritage are primarily Navajo. For the last several years, he has devoted much of his life to learning the traditions, rituals, and dances of his tribe… (read more)


epetamala_thumbEunice Petramala – Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site 2006

EUNICE PETRAMALA’s multi-cultural ethnic lineage and heritage is a combination of Southern Cheyenne and Mexican. Her Cheyenne name is Smiling Elk Woman… (read more)