Eunice Petramala


EUNICE PETRAMALA’s multi-cultural ethnic lineage and heritage is a combination of Southern Cheyenne and Mexican. Her Cheyenne name is Smiling Elk Woman.

Eunice served as a Place and Native Voice intern in the interpretive division at Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site, near La Junta, Colorado, in the summer of 2006. During that time she also visited Cheyenne elders and family members in Oklahoma, where she received some of the teachings found in the presentation posted here. She is also a student at Otero Community College in La Junta.

Given her personal background and the teaching mission of Bent’s Old Fort, Eunice has added a distinctive voice and perspective to the interpretive program. She has helped bring to life the history of the Fort as one of the most important inter-cultural crossroads along the mid-nineteenth century American frontier.